A Closer Look To The Blue Horizon Tokenomics And The Platform Fee Redistribution Model

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3 min readFeb 13, 2022

Blue Horizon considers our BLH token to be more than just an incidental part of our ecosystem — we want it to be at the heart of it. This is why we have put so much thought and planning into how to integrate the BLH token into our ecosystem, and in this piece we will go through the key benefits of holding the BLH token as well as the tokenomics that underpin it.

Who Can Receive Platform Fees?

Fees are levied to Blue Horizon users for their activity on the platform, a significant portion of which flows back to individuals who fulfil certain requirements:

Be a certified Artist, having minted at least one NFT through Blue Horizon and be on any tier of the Blue Horizon platform (minimum 10,000 BLH staked).


Be a Collector, holding at least 1 NFT minted on the Blue Horizon platform or published by a Blue Horizon certified Artist, and be on any tier of the Blue Horizon platform (minimum 10,000 BLH staked).

In addition to accrued marketplace and swap exchange fees being redistributed to Artists and Collectors, a percentage will also go towards token buybacks and burns. This has the benefit of reducing the total supply and increasing the scarcity of the token, encouraging a deflationary model.

The following tiers we have and what the benefits are with each of them:

How Are The Rewards Divided Up?

Accrued fees will be distributed pro rata among the token holders based on our tiering system. The distribution of fees depends on which part of the platform the fees are accrued from. Redistribution of our accrued DEX fees is as follows:

• 50% flows back into the LP pool for more liquidity

• 8.33% to Collectors (holding min. 1 NFT and holding BLH tier level)

• 8.33% to Artists (minted min. 1 NFT and holding BLH tier level)

• 16.67% is sent to a burn address (intervals TBC)

• 16.67% to the development fund to support current operations and future developments

As you can see, the major part of the accrued fees from our DEX is used to support the DEX itself by increasing the token liquidity. We feel very strongly that the NFT marketplace fees should benefit our Artists and Collectors the most. Therefore, redistribution of our accrued NFT marketplace fees is as follows:

• 25% to development funds

• 20% to Collectors (holding min. 1 NFT and holding BLH tier level)

• 40% to Artists (minted min. 1 NFT and holding BLH tier level)

• 10% burn (automatically on each transaction)

• 5% is donated to a charity organization

We think you’ll agree that being part of the Blue Horizon tiered system and being an active user of the Blue Horizon platform offers huge potential. We have developed a fair platform that rewards token holders as well as Artists and Collectors instead of enriching the creators. Making the Blue Horizon DEX and NFT marketplace your preferred place to trade your tokens and NFTs not only benefits you but also the people who create the stunning NFTs we love.

We have only just started to scratch the surface with the functionality of the BLH token, so make sure you keep an eye on our Medium and Twitter accounts to keep up to date with latest developments.

Sincerely, the BLH team

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