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2 min readDec 10, 2021


Blue Horizon Branches Out With Manga FOMO Chronicles Partnership

Blue Horizon is thrilled to be a major beneficiary of the recently announced strategic partnership between Space SIP and Manga FOMO Chronicles. The tie in between the two will benefit the respective projects greatly, but Blue Horizon will also get in on the act with unique Manga artwork being created just for us and Manga FOMO Chronicles users able to stake and farm their Manga NFTs on the Blue Horizon platform.

Blue Horizon signed a strategic partnership with Space SIP at the start of November, a partnership that is already bearing fruit, with Manga FOMO Chronicles now joining the party in a move that will benefit Blue Horizon and its users. Manga FOMO Chronicles will create exclusive promotional Manga NFTs that we will sell through our platform, while Blue Horizon will also allow NFTs bought from Manga FOMO Chronicles to be staked and farmed through us, allowing users to earn a yield from their NFTs while they’re not using them on the Space SIP or Manga FOMO Chronicles platforms.

This new deal affords Blue Horizon a great entry point into the world of Manga, allowing us to expand our offering and attract a whole new subset of digital art and NFT fans. We’re sure that Manga FOMO Chronicles will also greatly enjoy the opportunities the Blue Horizon platform will offer them, allowing them to do more with their collections than they thought possible.

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