Blue Horizon — created for artists and collectors

The Blue Horizon platform is designed to serve the interests of both artists and collectors, as well as investors in the $BLH native token.

Blue Horizon artists have access to:

🔹Promotional campaigns, with the opportunity for increased personal brand awareness

🔹Discounts on commissions for transactions that utilise the $BLH token, as well as rewards in the form of a percentage of sales

Collectors receive the following opportunities:

🔹Opportunity for NFT Yield Farming.

🔹Discounts on transaction fees when using the $BLH token

🔹Access to exclusive NFTs

Coming soon:

🔹NFT gallery to showcase artist collections

🔹Mobile app


$BLH holders will soon benefit from:

🔹Token farming


🔹Deflationary tokenomics — i.e. buybacks and token burns

🔹Shaping the platform through governance

Artists, collectors, investors — join Blue Horizon!

The Blue Horizon Team

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Blue Horizon NFT

Blue Horizon NFT


We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.