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2 min readDec 3, 2021


Blue Horizon Expanding Income Opportunities with Teneo Finance

At Blue Horizon we’re always looking for ways to increase the utility of the BLH token, and with this in mind we’re delighted to announce a partnership with Teneo Finance, a DeFi platform that affords token holders passive income opportunities.

We’re still working out some of the finer points over the deal with Teneo, but we wanted to give our users a flavor of the benefits this new partnership will bring. Teneo believes in “earning by HODLing” and rewards those who stake their tokens through the platform using a three-layered incentivized protocol, issuing tenXXX tokens in lieu of locked up collateral.

Teneo is planning to add NFTs to its catalog of earning opportunities and at Blue Horizon we’re actively exploring how we can allow Teneo users to mint Teneo NFTs on the Blue Horizon platform. BLH token holders could also benefit from Teneo’s core offering and lock up their BLH tokens on the Teneo platform to earn passive income, with Teneo minting a tenBLH token. This would reduce the circulating supply of BLH tokens, potentially pushing up the value of the tokens that remain in circulation, while locked up BLH tokens would be redeemable at any time.

We’ll bring you further details when we have them, but we hope this little snippet is enough to get you excited about the potential for further income generation through the Blue Horizon ecosystem and our tie in with Teneo Finance.

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