Blue Horizon Goes Extra Terrestrial with Space SIP Partnership

Blue Horizon is excited to announce a partnership with Space SIP, the revolutionary new NFT ‘play to earn’ game which utilizes the power of blockchain and NFTs to take the benefits of NFT ownership to a new level.

Thanks to this partnership with Blue Horizon, Space SIP NFT holders will be able to use the Blue Horizon platform to trade their NFT characters, allowing them the opportunity to add to their collection whenever they like, or swap NFTs with other collectors. They can also farm their NFTs when they are not playing with them, offering up another revenue stream on top of earning through playing Space SIP itself. As both projects are on the BSC network, NFT transfers and transactions will be both quick and very cheap.

Alongside the ability to trade characters Blue Horizon will also list the Space SIP token (SIP) on its exchange once our DEX is live, while Space SIP developers will also license artwork for new characters and settings from our pool of highly talented artists.

Blue Horizon is particularly excited about this partnership with Space SIP not just because it represents a fantastic avenue for our brilliant artists to get their work seen by a wider audience, but also because our platform is one of the few places in the crypto space where Space SIP players can find and acquire the latest characters for the game. The fact they can use those NFT characters to earn money while they are not playing with them represents another huge step forward in gaming.

Blue Horizon is looking forward to the increased diversity in NFTs and tokens on the platform, and we cannot wait to see Space SIP’s beautifully drawn characters invade our platform!

About Space SIP

Space SIP utilizes NFT technology to create an unparalleled gaming experience for users in which they can build space-ready battleships to pit against extraterrestrial foes in a new universe of interactive, intergalactic warfare. The game is developed by a team with 10+ years of experience in software development combined with 5 years of working on blockchain. We are proud to bring the best gaming product to the community!

Learn more about Space SIP:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Medium

About Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is a hybrid platform that embodies the best elements of NFTs, DeFi and blockchain. Blue Horizon combines an NFT marketplace, a token exchange, liquidity pooling, yield farming protocols, and much more. We actively seek out the artists and work with them to produce exclusive pieces for the Blue Horizon platform, imbuing our platform with artwork of a quality and exclusivity that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Blue Horizon Team

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We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.

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Blue Horizon NFT

Blue Horizon NFT

We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.

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