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2 min readDec 1, 2021


Blue Horizon Hooks World of Defish in New Partnership

Blue Horizon is very excited to announce a partnership with World of Defish, the first DeFi project to combine gaming, play-to-earn, stake, and trading all in one comprehensive ecosystem. World of Defish is on the verge of launching a marketplace where users can buy, sell/auction, and breed their World of Defish, with games being rolled out in the near future to allow holders to make use of their purchases. This will include, rather appropriately, play-to-earn fishing games, which World of Defish hopes will be the first of many games that will have users flooding to their platform.

As part of the partnership with Blue Horizon, World of Defish users will be able to list and trade their World of Defish NFTs on the Blue Horizon platform, bringing a whole new audience to the protocol, and will also be able to farm their NFTs when not being used for play. This will allow them to earn a yield on their holdings in the same way that Blue Horizon users can with their NFTs. We have also allowed World of Defish to license works from our collection of quality digital artists, allowing them to gain more exposure for their work and a chance to test new waters.

We heartily welcome World of Defish users and look forward to them settling into the Blue Horizon pond. We also can’t wait to see what our talented artists are going to come up with in designing NFTs for the World of Defish platform — whatever they look like, we’re confident the result will be a ‘net’ positive for both projects.

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