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3 min readNov 15, 2021


Blue Horizon Introduces Collateralized NFTs With GovWorld Partnership

Blue Horizon is excited to announce a partnership with GovWorld, an innovative DeFi ecosystem leveraging the power of the most customizable, multi-chain, P2P lending protocol on the blockchain. Blue Horizon’s partnership with GovWorld will allow Blue Horizon NFT owners and BLH token holders to collateralize their holdings for stablecoins loans, hugely increasing the scope and functionality of the Blue Horizon platform and its native token.

The use of NFTs as collateral is a first for the industry, with much of the focus being on NFTs’ suitability for digital art, in-game assets, metaverse holdings and so on. Blue Horizon is very excited to team up with GovWorld’s GovLend platform to help open the door for all NFT holders to use their holdings as collateral for USDT, USDC, and DAI loans, freeing up capital for other opportunities in both the crypto space and the real world.

With GovWorld, borrowers have the freedom to choose their loan terms via an extremely customizable P2P lending platform, with the platform offering an open loan marketplace where borrower-lender supply and demand equilibrium can be found in real-time.

The partnership also benefits the BLH token, which we at Blue Horizon are extremely keen to see fulfil its potential as a multifaceted and ever-growing organism. As strategic partners, Blue Horizon is proud to have been included in GovWorld’s PartnerFi program, which not only means that the BLH token has automatic approval as collateral on the GovWorld platform but also introduces additional benefits for BLH token holders such as NFT marketplace integration, locked tier and staking rewards, and additional loan options.

Blue Horizon is delighted to have partnered with GovWorld, a partnership that we truly believe represents a new paradigm in the short history of NFTs and also takes Blue Horizon to the next level in terms of product and token functionality.

About GovWorld

GovWorld is the first DeFi ecosystem of its kind. We offer the best customizable P2P, cross-chain lending experience on the blockchain. Able to collateralize any altcoin or NFT for public or private loans of USDC, USDT, or DAI, GovWorld is your destination for DeFi. This is where users can unlock their liquidity, retain tier level benefits & staking rewards and have 100% freedom to choose their terms.

Learn more about GovWorld:

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About Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is a hybrid platform that embodies the best elements of NFTs, DeFi and blockchain. Blue Horizon combines an NFT marketplace, a token exchange, liquidity pooling, yield farming protocols, and much more. We actively seek out the artists and work with them to produce exclusive pieces for the Blue Horizon platform, imbuing our platform with artwork of a quality and exclusivity that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Blue Horizon Team

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