Blue Horizon Presale Sells Out!

Blue Horizon is excited to reveal that our recent presale was sold out, reinforcing the faith in the project from the cryptocurrency community. We successfully sold 15.5% of our tokens, with the majority of the proceeds going towards filling our liquidity pools, on development of the project and on making sure that the entire crypto space knows about us when we launch!

Following the success of the presale and in order to sustain our long term vision for the project, the Blue Horizon team has agreed to extend the vesting period for the tokens dedicated for the team, as well as tokens reserved for development, marketing and farming. Tokens sold at seed, presale, and public sale levels will not see a change in their vesting period. We have done this in order to give the community confidence in our integrity and faith in the Blue Horizon platform. At the same time the new tokenomics will yield a more healthy token emission rate that will ensure a sustainable future for the BLH token.

As a result of these changes, here is our updated tokenomic structure:

Thanks to everyone who invested in the presale round! Follow us on Twitter to get the latest Blue Horizon news, or visit our brand new website for more information on the Blue Horizon ecosystem —

The Blue Horizon Team

For more info, be sure to follow us on social media:

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