Capture Investments Joins Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is thrilled to announce that Capture Investments has joined us in the capacity of official partner. Capture Investments joined Blue Horizon in the presale stage and will help drive awareness of Blue Horizon and what we’re doing, as well as opening up several avenues within the blockchain and NFT space to get us noticed by individuals and companies that can take us to the next level.

Capture Investments has a track record of investing early in great blockchain projects, including Polkadot, Acala, Kusama, Spartan Protocol, Harmony, and Vechain. Their most recent investments include Boson Protocol and Public Mint, with Blue Horizon now added to that list. We are honored to be considered in the same bracket as these other crypto luminaries, and look forward to working with Capture Invest to take Blue Horizon to the next level.

Blue Horizon CEO Taco said:

´´We’re thrilled to start our partnership with Capture Investments. Capture Investments will help us reach people and markets that would have otherwise been closed doors, giving us a crucial leg up as we continue to build towards our launch date.´´

For the latest Blue Horizon news follow us on Twitter, and check out our Medium page for more in-depth information on the platform.

The Blue Horizon Team

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The content above is neither a recommendation for investment and trading strategies nor does it constitute an offer, solicitation, or recommendation of any product or service. The content is for informational sharing purposes only. Anyone who makes or changes the investment decision based on the content shall undertake the result or loss by himself/herself.




We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.

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Blue Horizon NFT

Blue Horizon NFT

We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.

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