Introducing Blue Horizon

Welcome to Blue Horizon, a hybrid platform that embodies the best elements of NFTs, DeFi and blockchain. Blue Horizon combines an NFT marketplace, a token exchange, liquidity pooling, yield farming protocols, and much more. We actively seek out the best sci-fi, fantasy and Manga artists and work with them to produce exclusive pieces for the Blue Horizon platform, imbuing our platform with artwork of a quality and exclusivity that you won’t find anywhere else. Alongside selling great digital art we offer a user experience like no other NFT platform, allowing collectors to exchange NFTs and NFT-related tokens, yield farm NFT tokens, and engage in the gamification of their NFTs, rather than have them sitting in their wallet gathering digital dust.

This article will introduce you to the concepts and motivations behind Blue Horizon, with more detail to come in later pieces.

The Blue Horizon Marketplace

Our core offering is a curated NFT marketplace where collectors can find the best sci-fi, fantasy and Manga NFTs. We scour the digital landscape for the best artists in these genres and work with them to create NFT collections exclusive to Blue Horizon. We hope that by adopting this approach we can filter out the just-for-profit side of the NFT market and focus on quality artwork that raises pulses and conversations as well as price tags.

Blue Horizon artists will work with our art director to create series’ that cannot be found anywhere else, making sure that they get rewarded for their talent, their efforts, and the exclusivity they afford us. Similarly, Blue Horizon customers will know that they are buying authentic, top quality works through our marketplace, and will be rewarded for their loyalty with special offers, such as advanced previews and unique airdrops.

We don’t believe that NFTs should be seen as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or something that has a single purpose — to look nice. Of course, some collectors will only want to use the Blue Horizon platform to purchase and display their collections, but this is just scratching the surface of what we can deliver. Here is a taste of what we will be bringing to the NFT space:

  • NFT Exchange — Want to add to your NFT collection or make room for something else? Buy and sell NFTs easily and cheaply on our exchange.
  • NFT Staking — Want to maximize the value of your NFT collection? Stake your NFTs and earn extra revenue while you admire them.
  • NFT Gamification — Want to have some fun with your NFTs? Gamification on Blue Horizon will allow you to interact with your NFTs as never before.

DeFi-nitely Something Bigger

Blue Horizon is so much more than just an NFT marketplace. We combine the world of NFTs with DeFi by offering an NFT token exchange and yield farming of the most common NFT-related tokens, making them all accessible in one place. This allows us to compile an aggregated playground for artists, collectors and token holders. Our DeFi offering includes:

  • Token Swap Exchange — Want to exchange BLH tokens or tokens from other NFT platforms? Go ahead and swap away on our built-in BSC-20 exchange, with cross-blockchain implementation coming.
  • Token Liquidity Pooling — Do you want to activate tokens from other platforms rather than leaving them passive in your wallet? Why not add them to a liquidity pool on Blue Horizon and earn some extra income?

The Blue Horizon fee structure

Blue Horizon’s slogan is ‘Blue Horizon — for artists and collectors”, and for a very good reason. We believe that our users — artists, collectors and BLH token holders- should benefit as much as possible for using our platform. As such, a significant part of the acquired fees of the NFT platform and the token exchange will flow back to artists and collectors, with BLH token holders receiving great benefits when using the platform, including reduced fees, liquidity pooling revenue, platform revenue, and governance rights.

Certain activities on the platform will also result in BLH tokens being burnt, thereby reducing the circulating supply and supporting the price of the token. This results in a healthy tokenomics and a prosperous future for the token and our platform!

Join Us

This is just the start of the adventure for Blue Horizon — we have much more to come and can’t wait to share our developments with you. We would love you to experience the journey with us, so why not head over to our website for more on our services and our future plans. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest Blue Horizon news, chat about us and ask questions in our Telegram group, and follow this Medium account for more in-depth updates as they arrive.

We’ll be bringing you many more updates as we get closer to launch, so sign up now and don’t miss a thing!

The Blue Horizon Team

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We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.

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Blue Horizon NFT

We improve the experience for our artists and collectors by releasing exclusive, high quality NFT series.