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2 min readNov 18, 2021


The challenges of the modern NFT market and Blue Horizon’s solution

The Blue Horizon team sees the main problem with today’s NFT platforms — they are all focused on creating NFT and making money, that is — for investors, not for the artists who create NFTs and collectors of various rare and worthy artworks.

The market is saturated with second-rate works created for the sake of profit, and it’s getting harder and harder for true professionals to shine through this veil. In turn, it is becoming more and more difficult for collectors to find decent NFT art.

By the same token, popular platforms like OpenSea and Rarible run the Ethereum network, which is notorious for huge commissions and slow speeds.

The Blue Horizon team sees a solution to this problem in bringing artists and investors together on their platform on the Binance Smart Chain with extremely low fees!

To increase value for artists and collectors all of the NFTs will play a major role in the games we will be releasing, bringing value in gamification, DeFi and NFTs like never before.

Most importantly, our slogan is “for artists and collectors’’. This is because of our unique fee structure that will give parts of our accrued fees back to the artists and collectors of our platform. Moreover, there is a part of the fees that is used for token buybacks and burns, so the token model is deflationary

To that end, Blue Horizon is carefully selecting exclusive artists with truly original work, and the platform will combine the DeFi and NFT industries, with the ability to farm and exchange the most in-demand tokens for NFTs!

The Blue Horizon Team

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Blue Horizon NFT

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